abundance and gratitude




Today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States of America.

Where does your abundance lie?

For many, Thanksgiving Day is filled with an abundance of food and loving connections. Most unfortunately, there are those who may not have enough to eat or do not have family or friends to share the day.

I have fond memories of preparing for a Thanksgiving dinner at my great-aunt’s home. It was fun. The preparations and the actually day were fun. Cousins came. We ate. The kids played. No abuse occurred during the day. I was safe.

For me, I will forever think of Thanksgiving as the day before my daughter, Megan, and I were discovered in 2007. Our lives were changed forever. The day after Thanksgiving in 2014 also stands out in my mind. That day I fell and seriously injured my face and teeth.

I still eagerly wait for the day of Thanksgiving to be finished and the entire Thanksgiving weekend to be in the past once more. Oh, each year there is less angst and a bit more joy creeps into my world.

I cling to gratitude during the season from Thanksgiving to my birthday in January. Gratitude has saved me in many ways. Did you participate in my Gratitude Challenge this fall? (Read: https://roadtofreedomandpeace.com/gratitude-challenge/) What did you discover if you did write a gratitude list?

Even during hard times and specific difficult occasions, abundance can be found in one area or another.

Where does your abundance lie?

Is abundance noticeable in any of these locations through love?

Your relationship with a significant other, your marriage, your children

Your relationship with an adult child or a parent or grandparent

Your friendships

Does your abundance lie in physical places?

Shelter – place to eat, sleep, and be at peace


In a building of worship where you feel safe and in community

Is there creative chaos on your Thanksgiving Day and in your life?

Do you hear happy chatter often? Are children part of your life?

Do you experience an abundance of laughter, smiles and/or hugs?

Do you share meals or cups of tea with others?

Is comfort found in a relationship with a companion on this road of life?

Are you physical safe today and tonight?

Is good health part of your life and your loved ones?

Do you have an abundance of inner peace and pleasant solitude?

Where does your abundance lie?

Does gratitude lie in sharing your abundance?

The area of Colorado where I reside has experienced a warm extended autumn. It is good to feel sunshine; yet, moisture is needed. After two days of almost 80 degree weather around November 16th, it turned cold. As I sat in a local coffee shop with people of various ages, snow began to fall. People spontaneously cheered! Several people stepped outside to take photos or just to experience the sensation of the first snow. What joy! I soon left the coffee shop to walk in the snow. People, from little kids to older adults, strangers, smiled at each other. There was even a golden retriever sitting alone by a bench. He looked perky and happy as the snow fell. A simple moment in the life of Boulder. A moment of joy shared by many. My heart filled with gratitude.

I am grateful on this Thanksgiving Day, 2016.

May each of you have a Happy Thanksgiving filled with abundance and gratitude.