What is your age? Does it matter? Does it matter to you or to others? How old or young do you feel? Do you looks coincide with your actual age?

Recently, I turned a year older and became 60 years old. Six decades on this earth. I shared my birthday, my age, and wonderings about 60 years to others. This is not a normal topic of conversation for me. Usually birthdays are special, but no big thing. I also asked individuals of various ages if turning a certain age ever bothered them and why.

Showing my vulnerability by sharing that turning 60 years old bothered me led to several interesting and thought-provoking conversations. I liked hearing people’s thoughts. The topic itself led individuals to examine their lives on a different level for a short time.

Responses from others when I shared my age included:

You don’t look 60.


Sixty is the new 40.

My discomfort with turning 60 years old had nothing to do with how I look. Guess I figure if I look older than 60, trauma aged me. If I look my age or younger, it is not because of anything special I have done. It is what it is.

The first time someone replied with “congratulations!” I was surprised. Congratulations adds a positive element. I have achieved something or been given something. I am 60 years old. It is amazing that I am alive and well at 60 years of age considering my past decades of enduring abuse and torture. Most of the people who congratulated me did not know of my past hardships. Yet, all of us (survivors of abuse and trauma or not) deal with life’s difficulties.

Hopes and dreams are framed differently when you reach 60 years of age or in that range. This can be good or bad or just different. The reality of where you are in life now hits harder. There may be less time to change your life in ways you thought you could or would. Challenges change and evolve. Health issues may become more common and more serious. If you are older and healthy, gratitude for your health often moves to the forefront.

Life may become simpler. Many older people downsize their homes and their lifestyles. Those who do not have homes and lifestyles to downsize may have extra worries about how they will handle the financial aspects of old and ill health when they can no longer work.

How old are you? Are you in your twenties? Older? Younger?

How old is your soul? There are individuals who are young in age and believe their souls are older. Have you ever given thought to that? I like talking with my twenty-something daughter and interacting with others in all decades of life. It adds variety, perspective and joy.

No matter what your age, life holds joy as well as challenges. As a life coach, I can support you as you navigate through your life as it is now and in the future.

Age and life experiences may bring wisdom! My life experiences have taught me well. I am still learning!

Feel free to contact me to traverse your road with you as your life coach!