• Deals with dysfunction in client
  • Focus on problems
  • Seeks healing and recovery
  • Trained professional implements a treatment plan
  • Focus tends to be on past
  • Insight-psychotherapy
  • Therapist is the expert
  • Deals with trauma and pain



  • Mentally healthy clients
  • Focus on goals that client identifies
  • Relies on client’s innate ability to solve own problem
  • Focus on present and goals for a better future
  • Empowers the client
  • Practical and positive
  • Client held accountable for actions taken or not taken
  • Focus on achievements – big and small
  • Not insight-therapy
  • Client and coach form a partnership
  • Task-oriented


I am not a psychotherapist; and, this is not insight-based therapy. My life coaching is for the mentally healthy individual (and survivor of abuse and/or torture) who wants to thrive. The focus will be on the present as well as defining and reaching goals for a more rewarding future. I do not offer any promises as to your future achievements. You, as a client, will take responsibility for all results and your achievements. This self-responsibility empowers you; and, you will hopefully gain a deeper sense of positive self-regard. We will work in partnership.



© 2015, Gail E. Mulczynski