intention of a good day




Have you ever made the decision to have a good day? Was the intention beneficial? When the day ended, did you feel a sense of satisfaction even if the day was not perfect?

I was working in a coffee shop one day when a coworker reflected that customers seemed to be in good moods. My impression and comment to her was that we, the employees, were happy and that happiness made a positive impact on our customers. She thought about it and agreed.

Months later during a very rocky and stressful period at work, this coworker and I made the spoken decision to have a good day. This included our desire to improve customers’ moods and possibly our other coworkers’ attitudes. The morning working with her was a success – at least for the two of us! I am sure our positive, pleasant attitudes provided benefits to both customers and coworkers.

When my coworker left for the day and I remained, it was more difficult for me alone to sustain the positive mood and atmosphere. Other coworkers arrived who were dealing with the stressful work environment in their usual ways. Although the day was not perfect, I left work feeling I had a good day.

How sensitive and aware are you to the moods of people and places? When you are in the position of being a customer and notice the person who is waiting on you is stressed or sullen, do you respond in kind? Are you annoyed and think the person should be happy as well as performing her or his job well enough? Does your mood change? Maybe you offer a kind countenance. After the transaction, you realize the worker’s attitude improved during that short exchange. What a blessing to you both!

Energy, moods, verbal and non-verbal communication impact our daily lives. Individually and collectively we can add positive energy to our world or not. Many times, we have a choice. Today will be a good day is something a former counselor said to me more than once regarding his own day. I would wonder at that comment. My life was quite messy at the time. How could I make the decision to have a good day, I wondered, when so much of my life was out of my control? Now, of course, it is somewhat easier to understand and to set the intention for a positive day.

I am not speaking about having a false, Pollyannaish attitude. Yes, faking it until you make it can work at times! There needs to be genuineness and a true desire beneath the intention. I am also not saying we should hide our true feelings, especially from ourselves. There are times though when we need to put our emotions and feelings aside and intend to do our best to have a good day.

Try it!

Make the decision to have a good day!

decision for a good day