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What do you do for fun? How do you have fun? Ask someone these questions and watch the person’s reaction. Kids will easily tell you an answer. Adults tend to hem and haw.

When is the last time you experienced fun? Ask that question also. Ask yourself these questions. What is your bodily response to the questions regarding the subject of fun? Does your stomach flutter? Do you experience guilt because you cannot remember the last time you experienced fun? Does guilt come to the forefront because you do not like the answer? Maybe you do not think you deserve to make time for enjoyable activities. Maybe you are in the habit of sitting in front of the television and you realize that most times it is a passive activity that does not truly bring you enjoyment.

Have your kids, if you have any, grown up enough that you don’t play games with them or share physical activities? I experienced much enjoyment raising my daughter, Megan. Engaging in creative outlets, physical activities such as playing soccer or catch with a “super” ball, and sharing in a child’s excitement and joy in life is satisfying. Even now when Megan (now in her twenties) and I have the opportunity to be together, we partake in enjoyable activities. Playing cards, concentrating in a friendly manner on a game of Scrabble or playing Frisbee are some of our favorites.

If you happen to reside in Toronto, Canada, you may take advantage of cafes that offer board games. (See:

What activities did you enjoy as a child? When is the last time you participated in that childhood activity? Did you swim, play baseball, paint, draw, sing, or dance?

Coloring books for adults are now trendy. They are labeled as relaxing, meditative, and stress-relievers. How great that no stigma is attached. Any one, any age, can color!

Do you have a creative or artistic outlet? That may be how you achieve an inner level of joy. Cooking can be a creative outlet which can benefit your friends, family, and yourself!

Has your fun turned into work? Did you like to run as a kid and now you check off the miles on a thread mill to keep you healthy? Is it a chore?

Do you hike? In Germany, many people volksmarch on weekends. Usually these walks are 10 kilometers (six miles) in length. At times, there is a rest stop with food and drink at the halfway point. At the end of the volksmarch, there is usually a place to sit and eat cake or drink a beverage. Participants are encouraged not to race, but to walk at a pace that is leisurely. The woods and the fields are meant to be noticed. Sitting and sharing tables afterwards encourages conversation and community.

What value does fun have to you personally? Is it hard to do something that does not seem to have a purpose? I like to sit on a bench in the downtown area, watch people, and listen to street entertainers. It is relaxing and restful to me to be in a park and bird-watch fun of bird watchingor listen to the water in the creek. I have allowed myself the freedom to do nothing and enjoy it! Life needs a balance – work and fun.

I challenge you, as a life coach, to have fun this week! It can be something short and simple!

Play music, dance, and memorize the words to a song – alone or with someone. Smile. Let the tension flow out of your body. Let your worries and concerns move aside temporarily.

Share a meal with a friend. Laugh.

Take a yoga class just to experience the pleasure. Don’t compete with yourself or anyone. Celebrate your body no matter how flexible it is or is not!  Notice the life force within you.

Buy a newspaper and fill in the crossword puzzle. Savor the pen and paper in your hands.

These are a few ideas. Make a list of what brings joy into your life. Fun can be experienced alone or with one or more persons. As a life coach, I encourage you to keep a balance in your life. Most of us work very hard. It is important to have pleasurable moments and to experience fun.



Sigh in relaxation and contentment.

Just be!