gratitude challenge




October has arrived! Autumn is here. Thanksgiving will arrive in six weeks! Readers may remember that this time of year brings gratitude to my mind. I am offering my readers a chance to participate in a gratitude challenge.

Megan (my daughter) and I used to keep a blank piece of paper on the refrigerator starting in October. This paper became our gratitude list. Whenever the mood struck, one of us would write something that caused us to be grateful. (See my blog post: I removed the list after Thanksgiving. The lists were kept to glance at each year. Unfortunately, the sheets of papers were left in my former apartment in Germany when I left abruptly to protect Megan. The lists and memories remain in my heart though. Gratitude exists in my heart!

The gratitude challenge is quite simple. Make a gratitude list of your own this October and November. Maybe you will even choose to keep two separate lists. A community or family list could be on the fridge and a personal list could be kept by your bedside (or in another safe place). Make sure the list is where it can be seen or where you know you will think of it often. Keep a pen or pencil by the paper. Anytime gratitude hits, write it down.

If you feel thanksgiving for a delicious meal. Great. Note it.

If you feel gratitude for the hug someone gave you. Note it.

Are you grateful that you passed a test? Great. Write it down.

Big or small, minor or major, silly or serious – you feel thankful – write it down!

Oh, at first, you may feel stupid or silly. What’s the purpose? Why should I take my time to make a list? Maybe you are experiencing rough times and wonder if there is any gratitude to be felt.

Try it – just for a week even. Be aware. Notice those moments of gratitude. As someone I know often comments, it is the small things that matter .. that make the day easier or more meaningful.

Sip that seemingly perfect cup of tea or coffee … ah, thanksgiving for that hot tasty liquid.

You walk outside and experience a moment of awe due to a beautiful moon and stars at 5:30 a.m.! Gratitude.

In your busy life as a parent, your child giggles. Such joy! You smile. Write it down!

After you complete the gratitude challenge by noticing and writing down reasons for gratitude from now thru Thanksgiving Day, find a peaceful place to sit. Take time to read your list.

Was your participation in this gratitude challenge beneficial to you? 

Did it provide nourishment to you in some manner?

Was this challenge beneficial to others?

Did being aware of gratitude bring you more moments of peace, love and joy?

May you enjoy this fall season!