inner discoveries by writing




It is my pleasure to introduce an online workshop I am offering titled, “Inner Discoveries through Writing”. I have been asked to tell my secrets. People wonder how I survived such a horrendous past of abuse and how did I reach the point where I thrive. I believe each of us have the answers within us and our own secrets that bring us to the road of freedom, peace, and joy! One of my “secrets”, if that is even the correct label, is writing. Writing has been one of the most important tools in my healing process.

I process thoughts and feelings slowly. Talking in therapy and with friends definitely help; but, writing takes me to a deeper level and brings thoughts and feelings to the surface that I wasn’t consciously aware needed to be addressed at the moment. By participating in a women’s group in the past and by talking to people affected by any type of trauma or life transition, a discovery I made is that many individuals have a need to share their words on paper with others. This has been my personal experience.

Journaling is different for me because I have the notion that writing in a journal is for one’s own eyes (and maybe a special other infrequently). For me, to know someone is reading my writings brings a level of healing that does not occur when I write only for myself. I do also write a journal though for there are benefits of no one reading your writings.  


Forces you to sit down with a pen and paper (or laptop).

Slows your thoughts (especially if writing using a pen and paper)!

No writing experience or special skills needed! Write in prose, poetry, or lists.

After your thoughts settle, you may discover that what you truly desire is different than you initially conceived.

Often writing on one subject will bring you to another, more important topic that needs attention.

Feelings, intense feelings, can be expressed in a safe manner.

Dreams and desires that you dare not speak can be written as your thoughts flow on paper.

Empowers you.

Access your answers within yourself!


It provides a safe environment to share portions of your writings and/or to listen to others share segments of theirs.

Gain fresh ideas from others.

Possibly learn you are not alone in what you express.

Connection with others.

Inner discoveries on topics which include: State of Your Body and Mind, Career/Job, Relationships with Others and Yourself, and Spiritual: Relationship with God, Basic Goodness, Nature, Spirit, or Universe

I, as your life coach, will coach you to put into action what changes you have decided to make!

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