just plain tired




Are you just plain tired? That sentence sounds like a line from a commercial. There are times though when tiredness, lack of energy, inertia, and fatigue settles upon one’s body, mind, heart, and/or spirit.

How do you cope when your body is physically worn? Do you allow your body to rest more? Are you compelled to stick to an exercise routine? Is your job physically challenging? Does your financial situation allow you the only option of continuing to push your body past its healthy limits?

What is your personal response to mental fatigue? Are thoughts of problems and relationships issues roaming in your mind constantly? Rumination happens. It is unhealthy. People ruminate. It is common according to this article in the BBC Magazine titled, “Rumination: The danger of dwelling”. (Read: http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-24444431.)

When you are emotionally tired, what are the symptoms? Do you cry more than usual? Do you find yourself often holding back tears? Is stoicism and lack of emotion signs? Are you short-tempered with strangers, acquaintances, and/or loved ones? Food may be a symptom. Eating more than needed, making unhealthy choices, or not eating much at all may occur.

The song “Under Pressure” played as I sat in a local coffee shop writing this post. How appropriate!


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoDh_gHDvkk – “Under Pressure” – David Bowie and Queen

Many individuals are under pressure and dealing with constant stress. Job challenges, family problems, unfairness of life, relationship issues, financial worries, and/or health concerns can cause us to become just plain tired.

Life can be quite challenging. It is hard to persevere. Resiliency may lessen. For survivors of domestic violence (DV), childhood abuse, rape, and trauma, life may be even harder. Even if you are far along the path of healing, the stress and pressure of life may suddenly or gradually appear to be too much.

You are just plain tired! This is not a commercial or a post to be taken lightly. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms may re-appear and occur more often. Suicidal thoughts or self-harm issues may move to the forefront.

You may think, I’ve worked so hard, healed so much, come so far – and here I am dealing with one or more problems that could change my life negatively (and maybe on a critical level). Unexpectedly or not, you feel worn. You know you are strong. You sure have proven that over and over again (by surviving domestic violence, abuse, rape, and/or torture as well as forming a decent life for yourself). Yet here you are now, today – maybe yesterday also – or for a week or longer – just plain tired.

You do not know if you can deal with the issues in front of you or one more issue or solve another big life problem. Maybe you have done all you can to repair a relationship, to find a better job situation, to change how you are at your current job, or realize you are not willing or cannot change yourself in a certain situation because that would not be true to yourself (as you are now), etc….

Your energy level is almost on empty. Apathy may appear. Many people turn to their relationship with God or the Universe or their Higher Power at this point (or before this depth of fatigue appeared). What if you are also spiritually depleted? What do you do?

Sadness.    Apathy.    Anger.    Inertia.    Fatigue.    Despair.

(If you are reading this and are suicidal, please seek help.)

As a survivor of abuse and torture and a person on this earth, I have experienced the above too many times. Most of us (survivors of trauma or not) experience the above at least once. Resiliency varies though. People, (even strong individuals), can become too weary to continue.

A friend wrote to me once that she’d be interested in “what strategy works (almost) every time for you?” This was in response to my question asking her what subject of a course I taught would she’d be interested in attending.

Life is hard. Life also contains joy, love and peace!

When one is depleted mentally, physically, emotionally and/or spiritually, it may be extremely difficult to be aware of joy, love or peace.

I have discovered various strategies that help me to get through period of exhaustion. These ideas are not listed in order. Please try what appeals to you and leave the rest!

  • Eat as healthy as you are able. Do not try to “diet”. Take the pressure off of yourself. Do your best to eat healthy and to be present as you partake of food or drink.
  • Reach out to trusted friends.
  • If seeing a therapist, pastoral counselor, or life coach, make sure you share what is occurring. This also is true for any healing or 12-step groups you may attend.
  • Get together with a friend (or two or three) or spend time in solitude. You know what you need.
  • If possible, take a break from the problem. Go see a movie to prevent constant rumination. Write a story, read a book, write a blog post or read a blog post to focus on something besides the problem.
  • Exercise especially if panic or anxiety hits.
  • Perform a pleasurable hobby or activity. Bake. Cook. Sew. Knit. Hike. Swim. Put together a jigsaw puzzle.
  • Give yourself permission to not do anything – at least for a segment of time. Creative solutions may be discovered after a break is taken. Either way, you need to let yourself just be.
  • Pray. Meditate. Contemplate. Maybe words will not come to mind to pray. That is okay. Maybe words will not stop and you enjoy silent meditation or contemplation. That is also okay. Let the words come. Connect spiritually in any form that works for you. Do not add pressure.
  • Ask others to pray for you. This has helped me for years now. I am a believer in prayer (in various forms and religions). Prayers mysteriously help.
  • Cry. Hit a pillow. Feel the emotions. Let them go after feeling them, if you are able.
  • Write in a journal. Keep it. Write on a sheet of paper and burn it, if needed.
  • Live one day at a time. Get through one day at a time. Sometimes life has to be lived one moment at a time. That moment may be as short as a minute!
  • Have hope ………
  • Listen to yourself … your inner self … trust yourself.
  • Trust the Universe, Higher Power, God …

There are no guarantees in life. Hopefully situations and relationships improve. Often we learn to cope with what does not change.

Be kind to yourself.

Treat yourself with compassion.

Take gentle care of yourself.

You are worth it!