life purpose




Do you know your life purpose? Are you interested in discovering your life purpose? Discovering one’s purpose in life can broaden your perspective of your time on this earth. Not everyone wants to put emphasis on finding his or her fundamental role in life. You may want to focus on other aspects of your life. What are your dreams? Dreams and purpose often go hand in hand.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” 

― Pablo Picasso

I am passionate about being a virtual life coach and sharing the path you choose. Although methods of life coaching vary, I believe the accountability piece is extremely important. Most of us benefit from regular contact with someone who will support us in our goals and hold us accountable. Weekly contact with a life coach enables the momentum to continue. It is quite easy to get distracted with other areas of our lives and to put aside the changes we desire to make. Without a scheduled appointment with someone who cares and supports you as you work to reach your goals, many people give up. Many procrastinate and think the necessary steps to change can be accomplished tomorrow. Unfortunately for a significant number of people, steps are never taken tomorrow. Today matters.

I am thrilled to be here for you – to be your accountability person, to keep you moving in the direction you seek, and to share in your small and huge accomplishments!

Empowering the client (especially a survivor of abuse) is an important piece to success. Inner awareness of one’s self leads to change and an easier process.

Please contact me today. Do not wait for the perfect time. Life does not usually provide perfect periods of time to change your life. Transformation often occurs while our lives are messy and not tranquil. Once you start the movement forward to reach your desires, you may be surprised by the sense of self-satisfaction, excitement, and inner peace you feel.

I, as your life coach and/or life purpose coach, am here to share in your vibrant journey of exploration, discovery, and actualization of your desires on this road of freedom and peace!

Please contact me today!

I would like to hear from you!