past, present and future




Past, present and future are important aspects of one’s journey. Do you put more weight on one segment of your life than others? How does that affect who you are and how you live your life?

Past – 2016 (or even further past)

Present – this moment – today

Future – Hopes and/or Fears

I recently watched the last half of “It’s a Wonderful Life” with James Stewart playing George Bailey. Most of my readers have probably seen the movie, so I will not go into depth regarding the plot. If you have not watched “It’s a Wonderful Life”, you may enjoy it!

George Bailey is desperate and suicidal. George is facing financial ruin and even jail. An angel trying to get his wings saves George. This angel then proceeds to show George what his life would have been like if he had not lived. George also sees what occurred to others who did not have George in his life. These experiences of seeing life as if he had not been born gave George a different perspective of his life in the present. He returns to his wife and children filled with joy. Whether he goes to jail or not, George realizes the importance of his life -past, present and future.

When he returns to his home, his family and townspeople are thrilled to see him safe and sound. His financial losses are covered due to the generosity of the local inhabitants who know their lives are better because of his.

Hope prevailed for George’s future as well as the townspeople.

Yes, this is a Christmas story.

It made me think though. What if I had not been born? Members of my immediate family made it crystal clear at times that they wished I had not been born or wished that abortion had been legal then. That is what two abusers in my family told me in words. I was born though.

What impact has my life had on other people? I do not think we can truly know how we affect the lives of others. Small kindnesses can possibly change someone’s path with us not even knowing. Individuals can affect people in a negative or positive fashion.

Is it good to reflect on a daily basis? A weekly basis? Once a year? An honest self-examination of how we treat others and ourselves can promote growth and healing. What importance do you place on reflection? Looking at yourself and your behaviors in a kind, honest and humble manner is beneficial. See the good things concerning yourself and your actions. Recognize where you need further growth. Learn from mistakes and challenging life experiences.

If you choose, reflect on 2016. I suggest you do not dwell or obsess though. Clarity and thoughtfulness do help us to change as well as to accept ourselves as is.

Today – December 29, 2016 – the present. Experience the “now” as some label it. Accept yourself in the present moment. Experience and feel whatever erupts or gently appears as you take time to sit in solitude to “just be”. (See:

As for the future, prepare for it. Hope for the best. Know though that life happens. If you are a survivor of trauma or abuse, you know you are strong. Most people, survivors or not, have been tested by life’s difficulties. You are strong. You are vulnerable. It is fine to be both. Strong and gentle are wonderful traits. (To read my thoughts on strength and vulnerability, please read:

Take each day as it comes. Sadness or happiness, apparent success or failure …

“I have learned that success 

is to be measured not so much

by the position that one has reached in life

as by the obstacles which he has overcome

while trying to succeed.”

— Booker T. Washington

Live each day!

Know what you value.

What is important to you on this earth? Stay focused. Do not get distracted by the mundane and non-essential parts of life.

Ask questions of yourself. Check in with your heart, mind, intuition, and Spirit. Seek support, if you desire.

A life coach can help. I am able to support you to reach your goals and desires. The future (2017) is yours to plan. The present is lived day by day … moment by moment.

Where do you want to be at the end of 2017 on a physical, mental, material, and/or a spiritual level?

Do you have goals and desires? Are they hidden or open to yourself? Are you firm in those or floundering?

Do you wonder about your life purpose?

Are you using your unique gifts?

What brings you peace and joy along with freedom?

Feel free to contact me. I am here to listen and to gently guide you to where you want to be.

As 2016 ends and 2017 begins, celebrate life: past, present and future!