spiritual sweet spot




When is the last time you felt a connection with someone on a deep, ethereal level – on an interior heart level – spiritual as some choose to label it? I like the term spiritual sweet spot.

Take a moment, if time allows … Breathe … naturally … relax … Center yourself. Think of a spiritual sweet spot. Close your eyes, if it helps. Breathe … just be …

If you recalled a memory of connection with a person on that deep level, how did you feel as you remembered? How do you feel now?

In the case where nothing came to mind or thoughts would not quiet, no worries. Try it another time, if you desire.

I experienced a spiritual sweet spot recently. One of the qualities of a spiritual sweet spot is that it usually occurs without warning. One normally cannot create the spiritual sweet spot or forecast it.

Part of my working landscape includes a job at a coffee shop. This job gives me the opportunity for connection with coworkers and customers of various ages. I like my customers and the feeling is mutual. The coffee shop is quite busy so my conversations with people tend to be short in duration, usually as I make drinks and serve them. Relationships form from these short conversations over time.

One of my favorite customers is a woman – an older than me, lovely lady. This genuine woman and I have slowly gotten to know facts about each other. There is a connection between us even though we know very little of each other’s pasts. She does not visit my store often and definitely not daily. She treats all of us with respect. I have received Christmas cards from her for several years. Her kind words make me smile and feel appreciated.

Recently, I have considered which customers I shall miss the most if they did not frequent my coffee shop or if I no longer was a barista there. She was one that popped into my mind.

I decided to write a card to give this lovely lady. It was important to me that she knew how grateful I was to her and that she lightened my day by her presence in my store. The written card sat in the backroom for weeks. I wondered if she was ill for I knew she had health issues (that she seldom shared) or if she was on vacation to visit her family.

Lo and behold, I look up one day during a busy morning in the coffee shop and there she was! Her presence surprised me because she tends to come in the afternoon plus I truly wondered if she was okay. I said her name without thinking and louder than normal. It was my happiness to see her. She looked up and smiled. I asked a coworker to take over on bar for me, went to the backroom, retrieved the card, and walked over to her in the lobby as she was claiming a table. She looked so surprised. I gave her the card saying it was my turn to give her a card. She hugged me. I had to return to the bar.

As I was making drinks, she came up to me and quietly said that receiving the card from me that day was perfect timing and that it made her cry. My eyes filled with tears as I heard those words. (Of course, any of my readers would have guessed that would occur!). Due to circumstances, the tears in my eyes stayed there for a few seconds and were saved for another day.

Later, the lovely lady walked past me to leave. She waved the card and said she would treasure it. Joy! We shared our joy! This joy stayed within me on a deep level underneath the usualness of the rest of my day.

Life … a spiritual sweet spot … It was not planned and not expected. A gift. An unexpected gift arrived in the midst of an average day. I felt joyful satisfaction … an unexpected deep, inner joy. The experience was genuine, authentic and unforeseen.

“Spiritual sweet spot” came to mind as I continued to work that day. I do not think I had heard of that term. Guess it is used though in various contexts.

Spiritual sweet spot – connection of hearts – interconnection of spirits. A single experience of a spiritual sweet spot may be labeled or considered sacred. (See: https://roadtofreedomandpeace.com/the-sacred-in-life/ .)

Those moments may occur with strangers as well as with acquaintances or friends or dear ones. These experiences can contain words or not. Silence can also hold a spiritual sweet spot between two people.  I cherish the spiritual sweet spot experiences in my life. Maybe you understand what I am trying to share because you also have felt these types of occurrences. Words do not convey what happens. At least, my words do not. Yet, I believe it is sometimes helpful and important to speak and write of spiritual sweet spots.

May you experience an amazing, awesome, beautiful, peaceful, and joyful spiritual sweet spot soon!