success or failure




How do you gauge your own success or failure? Do you view situations through a black and white lens? It is somewhat easier to judge success or failure when numbers are involved. Did you reach your goal of losing 10 pounds? Did you sell $1,000 worth of product? Numbers can lend themselves to black/white thinking. Either you succeed number-wise or not.

How do you label the situation if you honestly did all you could and the best you could; and, yet, you did not succeed in reaching your goal? What if the outcome of all your hard work and due diligence produces no measurable outcome? Do you view it as a total failure? What are the benefits of failing in this situation? Are there any?

Do you try again? Rethink, revamp, and retry? When do you give up and change direction – either partially or totally? How do you make these decisions?

Are you a person who is too easy on yourself, in general? Do you find excuses, procrastinate, and not truly give it your all?

Are you a person who is too hard on yourself? Do you seek perfection and feel defeated and deflated when that goal of perfection is not reached?

Are you able to find a balance between being too easy on yourself or too hard? Do you accept your humanness?

“Live the questions now.”

Rainer Maria Rilkie

I, as your life coach, will help you move forward from your failures and successes. Success takes maintenance and new goals are often desired. One of the benefits of having a life coach is that the life coach will hold you accountable. This accountability may provide you with the impetus needed for you to reach your desires.

Take a moment … breathe … what do you truly want inside your heart? What is stopping you? Do you need a person to walk the journey with you? It can be difficult to reach out to someone for support whether that person is a therapist, life coach, spiritual mentor, or even a friend. Yet, no one truly succeeds alone. We are interdependent on each other. There is a unity among us.

As a survivor of multiple types of abuse and torture, I would never have been able to heal and thrive if it was not for my ability to finally reach out for support. My heart fills with gratitude for all those who have supported me along my journey – in small and huge ways.

Do not hesitate to reach out …

People are available and willing to help …

As you heal and thrive, others will follow your lead. You may not realize that – but it happens!

Let’s unite … heal … thrive …

Support others who then heal and thrive to help others ….

Reach out … contact me … to be your life coach would be a privilege!

Let us …

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

– Gandhi