My name is Gail E. Mulczynski. I am a mature, free, independent woman! For almost 47 years, I was a victim and psychological captive of both extensive childhood abuse which included sexual abuse, clergy abuse and human trafficking; and, then I slid into a marital situation of abuse, domestic violence, human trafficking, torture, deviant religious practices (ritual abuse) and mind control. I am a survivor! I am a person who not only survives. I am thriving!

Welcome to my neck of the woods on this spacious earth! I would like to help you. It would be a privilege to be your life coach and to watch you grow and evolve into the independent, free, fulfilled person you are meant to be. What are your passions? How do you want to live the rest of your years on this earth? What are your goals? I can help you realize them.

Ask yourself one or all of the questions below:

Do you want and need to escape an abusive situation?

Do you want to take the leap into the unknown abyss of freedom?

Have you already taken the first steps in your mind?

Have you taken the first steps by physically removing yourself from the abusive person and situation?

Do you want to learn how to move forward now that you are no longer in that abusive relationship?

Do you want to explore the spiritual aspects of your journey (if that is where your heart leads you)?  Each one of us is unique. The spiritual aspect is important to some of us and not to all of us. You can be free and live a satisfying life in either case.

Do you want to share your fears and small victories with a compassionate survivor who understands that small victories eventually turn into goals realized and into a lifetime of peace and joy?

Do you want encouragement to take risks for yourself?

Do you need resources? Do you want to learn how to find resources?

Do you want to speak with someone who knows what it is like to face darkness? Do you need to know how to step out of that darkness into the light?

Do you want to connect with someone who has dealt with deep, intense emotions?

Was mind control part of your abuse? Are you willing to get past the mind control and utilize your mind to reach your dreams?

Do you want to make a present and future that contains light and love, including self-love?

Do you want to get a glimpse of how to live with the PAIN when (because of legal and psychological institutions) you cannot protect your child; and, how you can still thrive?

Do you desire to be on a path that contains freedom, peace, and joy amidst life’s challenges?

I can and am able to help you. I am not a therapist. My role is a life coach with personal experience. I am a strong voice of one survivor. You can heal and experience peace! You can reach your goals! You can follow your desires and passions!

I am available for a free discovery conversation. Please contact me to see if you and I would make a great team to further you along on your path.

Connect with me now!


© 2015, Gail E. Mulczynski