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Fall is arriving. Days shorten. Summer is ending. Does that bring sadness? Evenings might be spent indoors more often. Are you searching for indoor activities to challenge you? Fear not! You are invited to a virtual writing workshop designed for you – on an individual basis. Personal Freedom of Expression Individual Writing Workshop will be based on my “Inner Discoveries through Writing Workshop”.  (See: The topics will include: State of Your Body and Mind, Career/Job, Relationships with Others and Yourself, and Spiritual: Relationship with God, Basic Goodness, Nature, Spirit, or Universe.

As a life coach, I realize busy lives make it difficult to commit to a scheduled group workshop. For those who want more flexibility in scheduling and my full attention as your life coach, this individual writing workshop is for you!

Are you more comfortable sharing your writings with me only (and not group participants)?

Do you desire individualized attention?

Are you looking for workshop sessions that fit your individual scheduling needs?

Do you want to explore your life’s present, future, dreams and desires?

Are you new to writing and want to explore it as a tool to change yourself and your life or is writing your means to growth already?

Does writing and sharing your writings with a compassionate life coach resonate within you?

Personal Freedom of Expression is the workshop for you! Start soon. The workshop lasts for six weeks. If you begin soon, you may finish it before the holiday frenzy starts (for those who are caught up in that situation at work or at home or both).

As a survivor who is on the path to thrive, you more than likely have healed and grown.

 “One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again.”

                               — Abraham Maslow

Many times it is easier to do nothing or to play it safe. Sometimes you must make a decision to grow even further. It does not matter what your age is … young or old. How do you determine what is best for you today and in the future? Writing might be the avenue for you to blossom further. Sharing this journey with you would be awesome!


Workshop consists of six sessions of 50 minutes each. There is flexibility to combine sessions as well as to tailor topics to your desires and needs. The entire workshop costs $225.

Contact me, Gail E. Mulczynski, to register via e-mail or phone. Please feel to connect with me if you have any questions. It would be a pleasure to speak with you.

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Gail E. Mulczynski, Life Coach,




It is my pleasure to introduce an online workshop I am offering titled, “Inner Discoveries through Writing”. I have been asked to tell my secrets. People wonder how I survived such a horrendous past of abuse and how did I reach the point where I thrive. I believe each of us have the answers within us and our own secrets that bring us to the road of freedom, peace, and joy! One of my “secrets”, if that is even the correct label, is writing. Writing has been one of the most important tools in my healing process.

I process thoughts and feelings slowly. Talking in therapy and with friends definitely help; but, writing takes me to a deeper level and brings thoughts and feelings to the surface that I wasn’t consciously aware needed to be addressed at the moment. By participating in a women’s group in the past and by talking to people affected by any type of trauma or life transition, a discovery I made is that many individuals have a need to share their words on paper with others. This has been my personal experience.

Journaling is different for me because I have the notion that writing in a journal is for one’s own eyes (and maybe a special other infrequently). For me, to know someone is reading my writings brings a level of healing that does not occur when I write only for myself. I do also write a journal though for there are benefits of no one reading your writings.  



Forces you to sit down with a pen and paper (or laptop).

Slows your thoughts (especially if writing using a pen and paper)!

No writing experience or special skills needed! Write in prose, poetry, or lists.

After your thoughts settle, you may discover that what you truly desire is different than you initially conceived.

Often writing on one subject will bring you to another, more important topic that needs attention.

Feelings, intense feelings, can be expressed in a safe manner.

Dreams and desires that you dare not speak can be written as your thoughts flow on paper.

Empowers you.

Access your answers within yourself!



It provides a safe environment to share portions of your writings and/or to listen to others share segments of theirs.

Gain fresh ideas from others.

Possibly learn you are not alone in what you express.

Connection with others.

Inner discoveries on topics which include: State of Your Body and Mind, Career/Job, Relationships with Others and Yourself, and Spiritual: Relationship with God, Basic Goodness, Nature, Spirit, or Universe

I, as your life coach, will coach you to put into action what changes you have decided to make!



This workshop includes six sessions of 60-90 minutes in length. Class size is limited to 4-6 participants.

Dates of Workshop:  February 25, March 3, 10, 17, 31, April 7, 2016 (Thursdays evenings)

Time: 6:00 to 7:00/7:30 p.m. (Mountain Time)

Sign up now for this life-altering course and receive it at the first time special price of $99.

Contact me, Gail E. Mulczynski, to register via e-mail or phone.


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September 11 and 12, 2015

Denver, Colorado

The WINGS Foundation supports adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse, loved ones, providers, and communities. (See the WINGS Foundation website:

Each year the WINGS Foundation has a two-day conference. In 2015, I presented a workshop at the conference. It was an honor to present my story as well as listen to other survivors. Below is the description of the workshop I presented.

Survivor’s Resume

Gail Mulczynski 

Have you ever wondered what personal and marketable skills you learned and earned due to the terrible abuse you suffered in your childhood? I have. In my workshop, you will hear my individual personal story of abuse as well as one way you can reframe your life experiences in a light of strength, clarity, and hope.